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Connecticut Divorce Mediation Resources

The following resources will assist you throughout the divorce mediation process.

Mediation Client Homework: Includes client information questionnaire and financial affidavit

Documents For Uncontested Divorce: Includes documents required by the court at an uncontested hearing

Documents For Filing Divorce: Includes forms necessary for filing and answering a divorce complaint

Websites: Includes links to helpful internet resources related to divorce and mediation

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Mediation Client Homework

The Mediation Client Information Form and Client Financial Affidavit should be completed by both parties and provided to the mediator. Mediation will not work unless both spouses are willing to make a good-faith effort to reach an agreement, including complete disclosure of all financial information.

Mediation Client Homework

Mediation Client Financial Affidavit

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Divorce Mediation Intake Form

Divorce Intake Form

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