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Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Going through a divorce requires a lot of decisions, and trying to work with your soon-to-be ex-partner can be frustrating. To maintain a respectful relationship, while working efficiently towards a divorce, it can be helpful to hire a divorce mediation attorney. As your divorce mediator Aldrich & Aldrich will partner with you and your spouse to create suitable and lasting agreements that you are both comfortable with. Speak to one of our divorce attorneys today and schedule your free case consultation. We are located in Westport, Connecticut, but serve the entirety of Fairfield County including Fairfield, Stamford, and Darien, Connecticut.  

Why Should You Hire Divorce Mediators? 

While divorces are not easy on families, they do not have to be expensive or arduous. By choosing to mediate your divorce, you will save time, money, and energy. Through mediation, you are able to fully explain your story and work towards an agreement that works for your entire family. As your mediator, one of our attorneys will act as an impartial voice to lead you and your spouse in the most productive direction. If you want to discuss your divorce mediation case, get in contact with our mediation attorneys in Fairfield County, Connecticut today. 

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The Different Types of Mediation 

There are many ways that we can move forward with your divorce. From the moment you contact us at Aldrich & Aldrich, we will go over how we can efficiently conclude your case, while still obtaining a favorable resolution. Our Westport-based divorce mediators offer assistance with the following types of mediation:  

Divorce Mediation 

Our mediator will not represent either party.  Instead, as a neutral advisor and facilitator, he will guide you through the entire divorce process.  As your mediator, he will meet with both of you to help negotiate a fair and final divorce agreement.  He will also prepare all of the pleadings, draft the final parenting plan and divorce agreement, and prepare you for your court appearances.

Post-Judgment Mediation 

This type of mediation occurs when an already-divorced couple has a dispute about the conditions of their divorce. This can occur when someone fails to make child support payments, won't allow authorized visitation, or refuses to pay alimony.  

Prenuptial Mediation 

Before you get married, it's beneficial to sit down with an attorney to discuss how marriage is going to impact your finances. During this mediation meeting, you can create a prenuptial agreement that will help you determine how you'd want to proceed in the event of a divorce.  

Marital Agreement Mediation 

This mediation method allows an attorney to work with currently married couples to set up a new agreement to outline the terms of a potential divorce or update a prenuptial agreement that's already in place.  

If you want to set up divorce mediation for you and your spouse, contact our law firm today. We serve the cities and towns in Fairfield County including Westport, Fairfield, Stamford, and Darien, Connecticut.  

Alternative Routes of Divorce 

Along with mediation, our attorneys are also able to lead you through a traditional divorce or a collaborative divorce.  

Traditional Divorce 

Through a traditional divorce, we will advocate on your behalf against your spouse’s attorneys. If we have to go to court, we will build a strong case for you.  

Collaborative Divorce 

Collaborative divorce is similar to mediation in terms of saving money and time. However, a mediator will remain impartial, and our attorneys will advocate for you. We will work with your spouse and his/her attorney to create a beneficial plan.  

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By choosing to mediate your divorce, you will save time, money, and emotional pain. Our divorce mediation attorneys at Aldrich & Aldrich will efficiently work to help you move forward with your life. If you need to handle issues such as child custody and support or alimony, we will give you sound advice. Get in contact with us today and schedule your free consultation. We provide our mediation services to the areas in Fairfield County including Westport, Fairfield, Stamford, and Darien, Connecticut