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Going through a divorce requires a lot of decisions, and making them with your soon-to-be ex-partner can be frustrating. To keep things civil, it can be helpful to hire a divorce mediation attorney. Aldrich & Aldrich will partner you with one of our divorce attorneys to create suitable agreements that you are both comfortable with.

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Exploring the different types of mediation

Our divorce attorneys offer assistance with the following types of mediation:

Early Neutral Evaluation

This mediation method is used when a couple is unable to make a mutual decision about assets or other elements of their divorce on their own. A panel of neutral family law attorneys will evaluate the situation and give the couple their thoughts on how the situation would play out in court.

Post-Judgment Mediation

This type of mediation occurs when an already-divorced couple has a dispute about the conditions of their divorce. This can occur when someone fails to make child support payments, won't allow authorized visitation or refuses to pay alimony.

Prenuptial Mediation

Before you get married, it's beneficial to sit down with an attorney to discuss how marriage is going to impact your finances. During this mediation meeting, you can create a prenuptial agreement that will help you determine how you'd want to proceed in the event of a divorce.

Martial Agreement Mediation

This mediation method allows an attorney to work with currently married couples to set up a new agreement to outline the terms of a potential divorce or update a prenuptial agreement that's already in place.

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